AGN welcomes new member firm in Ukraine: ACTIVE-AUDIT

October 2018

AGN International is pleased to announce the membership of a new firm in the Kiev, Ukraine, namely ACTIVE-AUDIT.

The firm was founded in 2000 in Kiev (Ukraine) and for more than 18 years has been providing various types of audit services, starting with the audit of financial statements of enterprises and banks, ending with the audit of the information security management system.

Vladimir Mnischenko, founder and CEO of the company: "Our company for 18 years of work has achieved significant results in the market of audit services. We are chosen by our partners in various industries, financial companies, banking institutions. And every year the number of our customers increases. For us, cooperation with any, even a small company, is always very important for our team. Regardless of the weight of the client on the market, we always guarantee the quality of our services. "

Natalia Domareva, head of the bank audit department: "Our company is one of the most sought-after on the territory of the whole country in the market of providing audit services to banks. Among our clients are leading banks of Ukraine and banking groups, as well as small banks. We cooperate with many of them since the company was founded. We willingly share our experience and accumulated knowledge with clients, but at the same time we strive to develop with our customers, responding to the intensive changes and needs of the Ukrainian banking system at the present time and offering our clients a wider range of services. "

Sergei Buyanov, head of the audit department of enterprises and financial companies: "Our company can rightfully be proud of its fixed assets - a permanent customer base and qualified employees. Our clients are the leading financial companies of Ukraine - insurance, factoring, large industrial and commercial enterprises, charitable and other organizations, as well as companies that are developing. The diversified direction in the activities of our clients allows us not only to carry out a variety of audit support to clients, but also to develop and improve ourselves, to respond quickly to the growing demands of customers, while improving the quality of our services. "



4, Nikolay Grinchenko Street
Kiev 03038 
Time Zone: GMT+3
Phone: 0038 044 498-56-52