January 2017

The AGN International Accounting and Auditing Committee (IAAC) welcomes Scott Walters, CPA, MBA, CGMA and senior partner with the U.S. firm Daszkal Bolton LLP in Boca Raton, Florida, as the new chair for the International Accounting and Audit Committee (IAAC). Scott has been an active member of this committee since its inception in 2011, and his knowledge and expertise have made him a natural leader. He regularly gives regional and international seminars and presentations. Scott serves on his firm’s Executive Committee and leads its assurance practice. He provides expert guidance on matters related to GAAP reporting and compliance with SEC rules and regulations. Scott also is a former Core Team Leader for the North American A&A Sharegroup. 

"We work in a global economy where we face challenges to meet the increased demands for quality audits and transparent global financial reporting in this period of political and economic uncertainty. "I look forward to working with our existing IAAC committee members to further develop and expand our network of regional accounting and auditing experts available to provide global core competencies as resources to support AGN International and its member firms."

Glen MacMillan, CPA, CA, partner with Adams & Miles LLP in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the new chair for the International Tax Committee (ITC). Glen has been very active on this committee since its inception in 2010, and he readily shares his knowledge and expertise via presentations in webinars and in-person conferences, both regionally and internationally. His topics are varied and include Article V of the Canada-U.S. tax treaty, Regulation 105 compliance, and GST/HST for non-residents doing business in Canada. Glen is a current Core Team Leader for the North American Canadian Tax Sharegroup.

“One of my objectives is to increase the level of awareness among AGN members of the expertise available to them within the ITC and its regional knowledge share groups,” states Glen. “International tax issues can be a daunting challenge to address and we want AGN members to know they can rely on the ITC for clear and timely answers to all their international tax questions.”

The new chairs take office on 1 January 2017; term of office is three years. 

AGN sends warm thanks to the outgoing chairs for their years of service. Pers Aswani, ACA, FCCA and head of audit at Hazlems Fenton LLP in London, UK, served as IAAC Chair since 2014. During his term, the IAAC has developed the IAAC Accounting Forum, whereby members may reach out to each other for accounting and auditing advice, and the IFRS/ISA Experts database (members who serve as a resource for other AGN members to answer any IFRS/ISA related questions). 

Doug Clevenger, CPA, CFP, CCIFP and Regional Managing Principal with Redwitz, Inc. in La Jolla, California, USA, served as the ITC Chair since 2011. Under his leadership, the ITC has developed Tax Surveys and the ITC Sharegroup where members consult each other on international tax matters. 

Malcolm Ward, AGN Global Chief Executive, said, "We are very grateful to both the past and incoming chairs of our international committees, and I record my sincere thanks. High standards are at the heart of the AGN mission, and excellence is one of our core values. I know that Scott and Glen will build on the progress won by Pers and Doug, in particular making still greater use of our knowledge sharing platforms, to help all AGN members benefit from the huge collective know-how within AGN to uphold these business objectives."

If you are interested in getting involved with AGN’s ITC or IAAC, please contact Nathalie Champagne on the AGN team.