Central & South America

AGN EuropeThe Central & South American region is rich in natural resources, has a young population and emerging political environments that are paving the way for ample trade and international investment opportunities.

This region offers an extraordinary geographic coverage with presence in over a dozen countries. The Regional board represents the region’s four key areas: Central America, Brazil, North-Andean countries and South America, ensuring that members generate locally relevant intellectual property that is also relevant to clients worldwide.


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Our Leadership

The AGN Central & South American region is led by Chairman Marielos de Rueda, Partner at AGN's Guatemalan member firm Panchita Aguirre de Keahler & Asociados, and it is also supported by multi-lingual regional director, Mireia Rovira.


 Marielos de Rueda
 Panchita Aguirre De Kaehler Y Asociados
 Oscar Falconí 
Monzón, Valdivia, Falconí y Asociados
 Luiz Bento 
 GESCON Consultoría Empresarial
 Ricardo Cuellar  Grupo ACC
(El Salvador) 
  Javier Correa  Correa, León & Asociados
 Alberto Adaminas
  Representing the International Board
 Mireia Rovira
   Regional Director
 AGN International Ltd

CSA Regional Publications


A summary of most relevant taxes in Latin America

Use this publication to make a quick Latin American country comparison on different taxes; including Income Tax, Double Tax Treaties and more.

Read the publication in Spanish  

Read the publication in English


Countries Comparison

A collection of transfer pricing summaries of countries in the Latin America region. 

Read the publication in Spanish


A comparison of Central & South American Countries 2021

Use this publication to make a very quick country comparison on different taxes in the Central & South American region; including Corporate Income Tax, Dividends, Royalties, Technical Assistance, Interests, VAT, VHT VAT, Double Tax Agreement and Deadline Prescription. 

Read the publication in English


Ventajas competitivas en Latinoamérica 2019

Check this publication to make a quick Latinamerican country update on benefits for Foreign Direct Investment. This publication is in Spanish only, contact AGN Member firms in the countries for more detailed information. 

Read the publication in Spanish

Vea esta publicación para obtener una rápida actualización de los beneficios para Inversión Directa Extranjera. Esta publicación está disponible en español, contacte con las firmas de AGN en los países relevantes para obtener información más detallada.

Lea la publicación en Español

El Comité de Impuestos de AGN Centro y Sud América promueve la recopilación información relevante para el comercio internacional.

Most relevant treaties in Latin America
Los tratados más relevantes en Latinoamérica

This publication includes a summary of the countires in Latinamerica that hold treaties with countries in the region and the rest of the world, including dividends and interests.

En esta publicación encontrará un esquema de los países de Latinoamérica que tienen tratados con países de la región y también con países del resto del mundo, incluyendo dividendos, intereses y regalías.

Read the publication in Spanish

Regional News

July 2021

Press Release: AGN International Welcomes RTURBA Serviços Contábeis in the CSA Region

AGN International – one of the world’s leading associations of independent certified public accounting and consulting firms, announces that WFA Auditores Independentes S/S joins AGN International membership in the Central & South America (CSA) region. RTURBA Serviços Contábeis, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was established in 2009 by Renata Turba. The firm provides services in accounting outsourcing, taxes and consulting - including legal.

Read the Press Release

July 2021

Press Release: AGN Welcomes WFA Auditores Independentes S/S in the CSA region

AGN International – one of the world’s leading associations of independent certified public accounting and consulting firms, announces that WFA Auditores Independentes S/S joins AGN International membership in the Central & South America (CSA) region. WFA, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was established in 2020 by firm partners André Valério and Robson Izabel. The firm provides audit, tax and business consulting services.

Read the Press Release

July 2021

Making Sense of Cryptocurrencies: Part #4

AGN Global Business Voice: Business Alert

Bitcoin was originally intended as a commercial tradable currency that everyone could use day-to-day; however, as we’ve discovered in previous editions, there is a way to go to achieve that vision - mainly due to price volatility. Almost by default, they’ve become a vehicle for capital appreciation, with a total market value approaching US$[1.5]tn - the equivalent to the GDP of Australia or Spain.

But are cryptocurrencies a valuable, credible investment? In the 4th edition of our 'Making Sense of Cryptocurrency' series, we explore the arguments in favour and against and ask if regulatory changes are beginning to cramp the style of this maverick money.

Access the publication

Regional Meetings

AGN members regularly meet to network, share expertise and learn more about technical subjects and leadership in their firms. Our major events include one international meeting, the World Congress, which is held in various locations around the world each November.

In addition, each of the four regions holds at least one major all-region meeting a some regions hold more. The regional major events include the Central and South America Regional Meeting (CSARM), usually held in September.  The Central & South America Region usually uses Spanish as main language, and many contents such as webinars, publications and presentations are available in Spanish.


Central & South America

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