Date of publication: 2023

The Importance of Stakeholders

News from the AGN EMEA Accounting, Auditing & Education Committee (AAEC)

The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) emphasise the importance of stakeholders for sustainability activities:

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Developing & Realizing Business Value

AGN Global Business Voice: International Business Issues

Are you interested in a valuable proposal?

Almost every week, many accounting businesses are getting “those calls“ related to business value. In some respects, it’s really nothing new. Larger firms have absorbed smaller ones for many decades, and from time to time, we have seen externally funded consolidators active in the market. It’s certainly the experience in the US and Europe and parts of Asia that famous accountancy brands, regional or local, have been absorbed into larger internationally branded firms or even into technology businesses. (Read our June 2022 AGN Global Business Voice – The New Consolidators?)

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AGN 2022 North America Regional Meeting

Connection – North America Newsletter #52 I September 2023

A new month, a new school year, a new season begins, and so it goes for AGN too.

Please join us in welcoming April Ince to the AGN North America staff. April joined the team in August and works remotely from her hometown of Bradenton, FL. Her responsibilities will be focused on the administrative side of things – helping answer questions related to AGN invoices and payments for your firm’s accounting team, supporting AGN events, and bringing value to your organizations through management of the AGN Resource Partner program.

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Use Business Intelligence to Make Better Decisions

Contributed by: James Moore.

Collecting and analyzing information about your manufacturing business’s production and practices can help you make strategic decisions swiftly. With data analytics, you can diagnose what’s happening on the floor in real time and predict future scenarios more accurately.

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Audit of Sustainability Reports

News from the AGN EMEA Accounting, Auditing & Education Committee (AAEC)

Sustainability reports must be audited in the future. The audit result must contain statements regarding the following:

  • Compliance with the CSRD and the ESRS (including the process for identifying reportable information).
  • Compliance with Article 8 of the EU Taxonomy Regulation.
  • Compliance with the ESEF Regulation with regard to disclosure in the ESEF format.

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