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Leadership & Regional Structure


Led with depth of industry experience, mutually governed

Our Global CEO Malcolm Ward reports to an International Board, elected by AGN’s members. Our International Board comprises of senior professionals from member firms in all of our four regions, ensuring that the benefit of their extensive experience and diversity of background is brought to bear.

Our four regions also have member-elected boards who work within one global brand and strategy to ensure that AGN services are embedded at a regional level, and developed to be relevant and valuable to the local membership.

With around 30 years of experience in a range of senior management and leadership roles in the accounting industry, Malcolm leads a team including other qualified CPA staff, dedicated to building value for AGN members and their clients, with a focus on service and standards.

Our International Board members

Martin Felenda
Martin Felenda

Schaffer & Partner s.r.o. / Czech Republic

Brian M. Franklin, CPA
Brian M. Franklin, CPA

Weinstein Spira & Company, P.C. / USA

Robert R. Redwitz, CPA
Robert R. Redwitz, CPA
Executive Vice-Chairman

Redwitz, Inc. / USA

Alberto Adaminas
Central South America Representative

Elizalde, Casares & Asociados / Argentina

Vimala Devi
Vimala Devi
Asia Pacific Representative

BSL Tax Services Pte Ltd / Singapore

Adel Habib
Adel Habib
Middle East & Africa Representative

Adel Habib & Co / Jordan

Andre Marius Le Prince
Andre Marius Le Prince
Europe, Middle East & Africa Representative

WLP GmbH / Germany

Neil Norman
Neil Norman
Europe Middle East & Africa Representative

Chiene + Tait LLP / United Kingdom

Tony J. Sokic
Tony J. Sokic, CPA, CA
North America Representative

Adams & Miles LLP / Canada

Malcolm R. Ward, FCA
Company Secretary & Global CEO

AGN International / United Kingdom

Regional Chairs

Greg Cusack
Greg Cusack
Chairman Asia Pacific

Ashfords Accountants & Advisory Pty Ltd / Australia

Marielos de Rueda
Marielos de Rueda
Chairman Central & South America

Panchita Aguirre De Kaehler y Asociados / Guatemala

Carsten Ernst
Carsten Ernst
Chairman Europe, Middle East & Africa

Wirtschaftstreuhand Group / Germany

Jim Rollins
Jim Rollins, CPA
Chairman North America

Meaden & Moore, LLP (USA)

Our regions drive excellence and relevance

As a worldwide association, AGN’s four-way regional footprint is fundamental to our insight to local needs and markets that drives high standards and strong client service across the globe.

Members worldwide are committed to high standards and excellent client service, and within that framework our regions adapt to local requirements,  ensuring value and relevance to AGN members and their clients alike.

AGN services are coordinated by a Regional Director supported by a global team based in UK, USA, China and Spain. 

We are an English speaking association to best service global business needs.  We pride ourselves on our local language capabilities at a regional level, including some programming and training in local languages.

Learn more about our regions…

  • The Asia Pacific region has the fastest-growing economy in the world, along with some of the world’s best economic performers. This region’s growth is fuelled by favourable finance, foreign investment and competition policies applied using international best practices.

    In a region where economies are quickly changing, AP members are on top of latest developments and provide core services along with advisory, outsourcing and other “one stop” solutions to accessing the Asia Pacific business opportunity.

    Get in touch with the Regional Director:

    Jean Xu
    Regional Board:

    Richard Ashby

    Gilligan Sheppard Public Accountants
    (New Zealand)

    Sandeep Bansal

     KNM Management Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd

    Greg Cusack


    Ashfords Accountants & Advisory Pty Ltd

    Gohar Manzoor

    Riaz Ahmad, Saqib, Gohar & Co.

    Vimala Devi

    BSL Tax Services Pte Ltd

    Tony Shao

    Advisor to the board

    China Regal CPAs Co. Ltd (China)

  • The Central & South American region is rich in natural resources, has a young population and emerging political environments that are paving the way for ample trade and international investment opportunities.

    This region offers an extraordinary geographic coverage with presence in almost 20 countries. The Regional Board ensures that members generate locally relevant intellectual property that is also relevant to clients worldwide.

    Get in touch with the Regional Director:

    Mireia Rovira

    Mireia Rovira

    Central & South America Regional Board:

    Alberto Adaminas

    Immediate Past Chair

    Elizalde, Casares & Asociados

    Luiz Henrique Bento

    GESCON Consultoria Empresarial

    Javier Antonio Correa Chiu

    Correa, León y Asociados-Auditores, S.C.

    Ricardo Cuellar

    (El Salvador)

    Oscar Falconí

    Vice Chairman/Chairman Elect

    Monzón, Falconí y Asociados

    Mario Lagos


    WORK Consulting

    Marielos de Rueda


    Panchita Aguirre De Kaehler y Asociados

  • Powering up Europe’s single market with vibrant firms in the Middle East and Africa makes sense for all firms. While the markets in this region vary greatly, its purpose is to provide excellent business services from the Cape of Good Hope to Norway. This region provides specific programming in services for real estate, construction and financial services, alongside expert knowledge on issues such as IFRS and VAT. Specialized committees keep the region dynamic and ensure members have expert knowledge.

    Local experience can be mission-critical when it comes to business ventures. Count on this region to deliver specialist forensic accounting services in the UAE, advisory and risk management in Kuwait and tax advisory services in Nigeria, as well as a full suite of services throughout Europe.

    Get in touch with the Regional Director:

    Marlijn Lawson

    Regional Board:

    Rocco Arcidiacono

    Fiduciaria Mega SA

    Ben Bidnell

    Shipleys LLP
    (United Kingdom)

    Pierre-Olivier Cointe

    Caderas Martin S.A.

    Carsten Ernst


    Wirtschaftstreuhand Group

    Martin Gibbs, FCCA

    Dafferns LLP
    (United Kingdom)

    Andre le Prince

    WLP GmbH

    Thijs Luchtenburg

    DK Accountants & Adviseurs

    Zalpha Nassar

    Serhal Nassar & Company

    Franz Rauchbauer

    Multicont Revisions- und Treuhand Gesellschaft m.b.H.

    Eric Seyvos

    BM&A Partner

  • The North American region covers Canada, USA and Mexico. NA excels in sharing specialized knowledge and support with a strong infrastructure and collaborative knowledge sharing, which are priceless in helping members develop procedures and policies, stay ahead technically and lead their firms to successful growth strategies.

    NA focuses on creating strong member-to-member connections to serve clients and help members to reach their goals through growth-oriented strategies and career-long professional education programs, from first year accountants through the partner group. Members receive support in practice management, superior client service (including access to experts and specialists), technology, marketing, human resources, and profit enhancement.

    Get in touch with the Regional Director:

    Cindy Frey

    Cindy Frey

    North America Executive Committee:

    Jana K. Broussard, CPA


    Henry & Peters, PC (USA)

    Kevin M. Doyle, CPA

    Vice Chair/
    Chair Elect

    Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, P.C. (USA)

    Heidi L. LaMarca, CPA


    Windham Brannon, LLC (USA)

    Jim Rollins, CPA


    Meaden & Moore, LLP (USA)

    Robert Watts, FCPA, FCA

    Immediate Past Chair

    Rolfe, Benson LLP (Canada)

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