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High standards at the heart of our mission

AGN is structured as an association;  members build their trust and reputation using their own brands and the business strategies that are appropriate for their clients.  AGN membership is subject to pre-admission review, annual confirmation of good professional standing and monitoring of on-going member performance. 

AGN’s Client Service Excellence is supported by two main pillars:

  • Client service charter: The common client service framework that sets the benchmark for all AGN member firms. Find out more (pdf).
  • Customer satisfaction monitor: The online system for capturing, and acting on client feedback about their experience.

AGN’s 6-star growth model

AGN leads with our commitment and support for business development in our members. Their clients benefit with high standards and global insights. Our 6-star service growth model is actively supported with collaterals, events and training programs.

Some of the resources in our 6-star approach include:

Knowledge Sharing 6 star model

Going International guide

  • An exclusive guide to develop an international growth plan.

Client Satisfaction Monitor

  • AGN’s tool to help member firms work together on international clients, projects and proposals.

Love Your Clients

  • The AGN Guide to Key Account Management.

Global Business Voice

  • Regular publications to address topical business and commercial issues impacting small and medium-sized enterprises.

In It to Win It

  • A range of helpful tools to help improve tender and RFP (Request For Proposal).

Business Development Diagnostic

  • A ‘self assess‘ tool against the various disciplines of the business development framework.

Case Study

  • Singapore taxes

    Economos – BSL

    Industry: Real Estate and Investment Trusts
    Operation expansion Australia, Singapore – Structure and tax regulations in Singapore

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