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Supporting International Businesses


Class-leading tools to meet clients’ needs and drive revenues

Great outcomes for members and their clients driven by membership & service standards, our regionally embedded structure and proprietary service model

AGN’s 6-star growth model

AGN leads with our commitment and support for business development in our members. Their clients benefit with high standards and global insights. Our 6-star service growth model is actively supported with collaterals, events and training programs.

Some of the resources in our 6-star approach include:

Knowledge Sharing 6 star model

Going International guide

  • An exclusive guide to develop an international growth plan.

Client Satisfaction Monitor

  • AGN’s tool to help member firms work together on international clients, projects and proposals.

Love Your Clients

  • The AGN Guide to Key Account Management.

Global Business Voice

  • Regular publications to address topical business and commercial issues impacting small and medium-sized enterprises.

In It to Win It

  • A range of helpful tools to help improve tender and RFP (Request For Proposal).

Business Development Diagnostic

  • A ‘self assess‘ tool against the various disciplines of the business development framework.

Case Study

  • AGN Case Study

    Daszkal Bolton LLP – Shipleys LLP

    Industry: Financial Services
    Minimize Global Effective Tax Rate – Holding Company Structure UK and US

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    • June 25, 2022
      The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - expected to be adopted in the next few weeks, will likely lead to one of the largest market interventions by the European Union in the external reporting of companies in recent decades. Find out more...
    • June 17, 2022
      The Tax Committee of AGN in Central & South America (CSA) has recently issued a collection of relevant information for international trade. Get a summary and general information about the main taxes of the countries in the AGN CSA Region.
    • June 13, 2022
      Join Faiz Jaffar, AGN Member Services Manager, tomorrow to tour AGN’s newest member resource - The Technical Resource Center (TRC). Expand your firm’s technical expertise and capabilities to meet complex client challenges - Sign up now!
    • June 12, 2022
      Friday night's venue for our Europe, Middle East & Africa Regional Meeting was certainly a talking point. And great to see our International Chair - Martin Felenda and EMEA Chair - @Martin_Gibbs_ enjoying it! #spectacularvenue #membersdinner #creatingmemories #AGNEMEARM2022

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