Connecting Global Communities


Forward-thinking, collaborative member communities,
for knowledge sharing, business improvement and training

A multi-channel approach to collaboration, including face-to-face & virtual interactions, webinars and specialist knowledge-sharing technology platforms

Some of our global  & regional communities:
  • Business Opportunities
  • Diversity – Women of Impact
  • Global Business Voice Panellists
  • Global Corporate Finance Sharegroup
  • NextGen Global
  • IFRS Helpline
  • International Business Development Committee
  • International Audit and Accountant Committee
  • International NextGen Committee
  • International Tax Committee
  • Technology Committee
Asia & Pacific
  • Business Development Committee
  • Asia Pacific Tax Committee
  • Mandarin Taskforce
  • Indian Rouondtable
  • Insolvency Roundtable
Central & South America
  • Audit Committee
  • Business Development Committee
  • Relationship with North America Committee
  • Tax Committee
  • Spanish Speaking Leaders
  • IT Group
Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Business development committee
  • Accounting, auditing & education committee
  • Membership development committee
  • IT Task Force Committee
  • Taxation Task Force Committee
  • VAT Sharegroup
  • Digitization
  • Audit Capability Focus Group
  • Corporate Finance
  • EU Financial Services Sector
  • Marketing
  • High Net Worth Individual
North America
  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Tax
  • SaLT
  • Business Valuations
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Human Resources
  • Firm Administration
  • Canadian Managing Partner Roundtable
  • Canadian Tax & AA
  • Internal IT
  • Marketing
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Outsourced Accounting/Advisory Services
  • Women’s Professional Development
Spotlight –  communities examples:
Specialist Communities focused on Outcomes

Global NextGen

Talent retention is a vital issue for firms. The NextGen Global community helps firms ensure their succession by developing their next generations’ leadership and business development capacity.

The community, exclusively for NextGenners, equips future leaders with an international perspective. They have access to programs specifically designed for them. In addition, they provide new ideas and knowledge to help grow their business, develop new skills to support their firm and create valuable and lasting contacts with peers at other AGN firms worldwide.

Specialist Communities focused on Outcomes

Diversity Group

Today’s major challenge for most practices is growth limited by capacity. As a result, firms are looking into diverse and inclusive teams to drive growth, create a more qualified workforce, reduce staff turnover and bring more creativity.

In an industry primarily led by males, the AGN Women of Impact group provides visibility, guidance and practical approaches to support leading teams in strengthening their cultural and strategic policies to consolidate more diverse leaders and teams.

Specialist Communities focused on Outcomes

Geographic & language groups

AGN member firms collaborate on common ground through  geographical or language clusters:  

AGN facilitates and manages this collaboration which has resulted in joint marketing, training, problem solving, and sharing of resource and client opportunities. 

  • Tomasz Paszkowski - Partner, JRD, Poland

    Member view…

    We work very hard at generating a profile in AGN. At least two of us attend all AGN international meetings, are involved in multiple AGN committees, and engage our talent with the AGN Next Gen programs – all generating relationships that lead to work.

    Tomasz Paszkowski – Partner, JRD, Poland

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