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Career-Long Professional Development

Technical, professional and personal skills, driving performance, resilience and succession

AGN is committed to being your firm’s partner in success, and especially the growth and development of your team. In conjunction with the team at Clark Schaefer Hackett, we have created a cohesive offering that builds upon key themes as your talent progress through the levels, building skills at each stage.



Membership in AGN provides you with the benefits of a much larger organization, whether it be in reach, competency, or development. 

ADVANCE gives your firm the access to top-level training from the profession’s best minds.  Whether you send one professional or twenty, we strive to keep the education affordable and relevant for all members.


AGN ADVANCE curriculums & schedules

  • Staff

    One of the strongest benefits to AGN members over the years has been the technical training we offer at the beginning of a career.

    ADVANCE is focused on creating excellent accountants as well as excellent leaders. By blending professional skills with technical content at the earliest levels, we are creating a level of critical thought, ownership and responsibility that is necessary for both your firm and the individuals within it to succeed.

    Level 1

    Training starts on the first day of work. That’s why AGN ADVANCE offers you a complimentary Guide to Level 1 Foundational Skills for you to customize and implement within your firm. 

    Use this comprehensive outline to ensure that you’re touching on all of the key topics during your onboarding process.

    Level 2

    Program Level: Basic

    CPE hrs./Field of Study: 24 hours technical training (Tax or Audit) | 10 hours Professional Development.

    Level 3

    Program Level: Intermediate 

    CPE hrs./Field of Study: 16 hours technical training (Tax or Audit) | 8 hours Professional Development | 4 hours Business Development.

    Level 4

    Program Level: Intermediate 

    CPE hrs./Field of Study: 16 hours technical training (Tax or Audit) | 8 hours Professional Development | 4 hours Business Development.

  • NextManagers Academy

    Becoming a Manager is a critical point in a career. This is where technical, operations, client relationships and business development all start to come together. To help prepare for this new challenge, AGN is pleased to offer its NextManagers Academy.

    This year-long program will prepare professionals for their first true leadership role, giving them time to hone their skills in a supportive environment and build relationships with peers that they can call on for support throughout their careers.

    Program Level: Intermediate 
    CPE hrs./Field of Study: 40 hours Personal Development (Group Live) | 6 hours Personal Development (Group Internet).

  • NextLeaders Academy

    Led by partners of longtime AGN member firms, the NextLeaders Academy will shape the future of your firm. This two-day, intensive bootcamp style training is centered around seven pillars of learning, and will provide new partners with the opportunity to build new knowledge, learn from the expertise of experienced and successful leaders, and build relationships with their peers in AGN that will long outlast the program.

    Program Level: Advanced 
    CPE hrs./Field of Study: 16 hours Personal Development (Group Live)
    2 hours Personal Development (Group Internet).

  • Partners Study Groups

    For experienced partners, AGN ADVANCE Partner Study Groups provide the platform for small group connection and training. Along the way, not only will participants enhance their leadership skills, they will also cultivate relationships and grow from the knowledge sharing with their peers.

  • AGN International NextGen Global 

    The international community of  “NextGenners” has been created seeking to broaden the horizons of members future leaders, encouraging them to form relationships with individuals in other member firms, and to absorb useful practice management knowledge and training along the way.

    2023 Program “The Road to Tokyo”
    Participants collaborate with teams and extend professional contacts worldwide while exploring AGN firm’s progress on the road to digital transformation. 

    How digitally mature is your firm? How does your firm’s approach to operational technology compare to others? What strategies can firms implement to progress to the next level of digital maturity? Can you win an expense-paid trip to the AGN World Congress in Tokyo in November 2023?

    • Webinar 1: 13 June. Launch and explanation of program, teams and challenges. 

    • Webinar 2: 30 August. Challenge one discussions focus on team member’s firms alignments and differences based on the Digital Maturity Survey.
    • Webinar 3: 3 October. Challenge two discussions focus on the three-tiered structure. Consideration of strategies and actions to progress to the next tear.