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AGN’s Pipeline Webinar Series

Type: Webinar with NA CPE

28 November 2022 12:00 am ET
19 December 2022 12:00 am ET

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1 hr CPE/CPD in Personal Development per Webinar Session

Program Level: Intermediate  

AGN’s Pipeline Webinar Series         

With capacity challenges affecting most firms, filling your pipeline may not be your highest priority. But the way your firm approaches marketing and sales may be one of the keys to helping alleviate workload pressures and managing growth is imperative to firms’ futures. We’ve revamped the filling the pipeline webinar series to address the current state of the profession. During the three-part series we’ll focus on the fundamentals of intentional, people-first growth that creates incredible opportunities for your people and your practice. Each 50-minute webinar qualifies for CPE and gives you the tools and resources you need to manage long and short-term opportunities. 

Learning Objectives

  • The power of focus in your practice
  • How adopting an abundance mentality can empower you and your people to say yes more often
  • Ways to encourage your people to engage in the process of growth
  • Why relationships matter, and how to create a growth ecosystem
  • How to create opportunities that will excite your people and add value to your firm
  • How to use the pipeline report as a capacity planning tool
  • What an advisory mindset looks like, and how the behaviors that advisors practice
  • The value of addition by subtraction, and how to use client right-sizing as a catalyst for growth

Speaker Bio

Carrie Steffen
The Whetstone Group

Carrie is a founding shareholder and President of The Whetstone Group, Inc. Since 2000 Whetstone has provided growth consulting services to hundreds of CPA firms, professional service firms, and companies in business-to-business markets nationwide. She has 20+ years of professional services marketing experience.

Carrie helps clients:
Determine how to best organize for growth and build a sustainable growth culture
Develop comprehensive growth plans, providing ongoing support and consultation
Establish accountability for business development and meet their revenue goals
Implement follow-up strategies to help manage the sales process with prospective clients and maximize their ROI on marketing
She is also a skilled trainer and provides group sales training as well as one-on-one coaching that enables attendees to better understand the sales cycle and develop the personal skills necessary to close sales. Firm leaders, practitioners and marketing professionals benefit from her knowledge and dynamic approach.

Before joining Whetstone, Carrie was an in-house marketing director in the national marketing office of RSM McGladrey, Inc. 

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