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How to Sell BVFLS Services Better with Zoom

Type: Webinar with NA CPE

12 September 2023 2:00 pm ET
12 September 2023 3:15 pm ET

2:00 – 3:00 pm ET

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1.5 hr CPE/CPD in Communications and Marketing

Program Level: Intermediate  

How to Sell BVFLS Services Better with Zoom         

Zoom calls (or calls on similar platforms) have come to be revered and reviled. But regardless of how we feel, SELLING OUR SERVICES VIRTUALLY has become a needed skill … maybe even a required superpower. 

And visual models that convey the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of what we do are necessary adds to the Zoom sales call choreography. Because when we use models, we convey insights that conversation alone cannot which improves the prospect-to-client conversion rate. And that is what this session is all about. 

Imagine our prospects listening to us describe what we’ll do for them. By the time we get to the end, they forget what we said in the beginning. Our pitch falls short because there is nothing for our prospects to see and remember. 

We can no longer just sit in front of a screen and talk. We must USE the screen and share the value of our services THROUGH the screen. Visual models and Zoom are perfect for this purpose. It’s time to stop TELLING our prospects what we do. Instead, we must start SHOWING them. 

And to show how easily it can be done and how little time it takes, the basic visual models will be drawn in the session in real-time. 

Learning Objectives
After completing this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Examine the scientific research that supports visual learning
  • Create simple visual models that complement visual or in-person sale sessions
  • See the needed tools and tech to create visual models on video call platforms

Speaker Bio

Rod Burkert

In one way, shape, or form Rod has been performing business valuations since the late 1980s. In July 2000, he started Burkert Valuation Advisors in Philadelphia where he ran a “traditional” valuation practice for 10 years. 

From March 2010 to March 2022, Rod traveled full-time throughout the US and Canada in an RV with his wife and their dogs. When he saw the possibilities of a location-independent BVFLS practice, he started rbCOACHING, which focuses on strategies, tactics, tools, and tech that can build/grow/scale BVFLS firms. 

Today, Rod has settled in Bisbee, AZ and focuses solely on his practice building coaching … all created by leveraging his professional network, content marketing, social media, virtual assistants, and available technology.