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Road to Tokyo – Webinar 3: The 5 steps to progress

Type: Webinar

03 October 2023 11:00 am ET
03 October 2023 12:00 pm ET

Join the Digital Transformation Journey!

Road To Tokyo  I  2023 NextGen Program  I  June – October

Program Overview

The program is structured with three webinars (June / August / October) and team Zoom connections. Participants will face a series of simple but engaging challenges in pre-allocated teams of three from mixed AGN member firms.

Challenge one is to observe each team member’s firm – alignment and differences. Each team member must complete the Digital Maturity Survey for their firms before connecting. The team will discuss their results and what they think the research tells us at Webinar 2 in August.

Challenge two is to focus on the three-tiered structure. The team will connect to consider the top five strategies and actions firms must take to progress to the next tier. The team will present five strategies at Webinar 3 in October.

Complete the two challenges, connect with your team and attend and present at the webinars for a chance to win a trip to Tokyo for the AGN World Congress in November 2023. This ultimate team prize is awarded based on the quality and originality of your team’s contribution across all three Road to Tokyo webinars. Two stage prizes and two individual prizes are also up for grabs! Terms and conditions apply

Road to Tokyo participants are registered by default to the 3 webinars. For more information and get involved, please contact Mireia Rovira (