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AGN EMEA IT Committee Advances Digital Transformation Efforts

February 13, 2024

The AGN EMEA IT Committee recently convened in Geneva to talk about digital transformation – a key industry issue.

Led by the new Chair, Andreas Weinberger, from Wirtschaftstreuhand Group in Germany, the committee comprises professionals with a keen interest in practice digitization and the adoption of new technologies and software. The diverse panel includes individuals from various countries, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the table. (Meet the committee members below).

Technology & Digital Transformation: Strategies for winning

During the meeting, members discussed strategies to leverage insights from the global member Digital Maturity Survey. This survey serves as a crucial benchmark, providing valuable data on the digital readiness of member firms. The committee aims to utilize these insights to develop an online tool that will allow firms to assess their digital progress and identify potential areas for improvement. This tool will provide automated reports suggesting practical strategies tailored to each firm’s needs.

What next?

These initiatives are set to be previewed at the upcoming 2024 AGN World Congress in Nashville (2nd – 4th June ) and the 2024 EMEA Regional Meeting in Rome (3rd – 5th October ). These events will provide platforms for showcasing the progress made by the committee and facilitating knowledge-sharing among members.

The Member Agenda

As part of the Member Agenda, The AGN EMEA IT Committee’s focus on Technology & Digital Transformation reflects the organization’s commitment to supporting its members with key industry issues. By fostering collaboration and innovation, the committee aims to empower member firms to thrive in an increasingly digitized world.

The committee remains dedicated to advancing digital transformation efforts and unlocking new opportunities for growth and success within the AGN community.

AGN EMEA IT Committee Members

Andreas Weinberger (Chair)
Wirtschaftstreuhand Group
Munich, Germany

Homed David Stingl
MTG Group
Kelheim, Germany

Martin Gibbs
Coventry, UK

Nathan Davis
CT: Accountants Advisers
Edinburgh, UK