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AGN Next Leaders EMEA: Chapter 2 – Paris

Next Leaders EMEA
June 28, 2024

Paris Hosts NextGen Accountancy Training Day – In the heart of Paris, a group of twelve NextGen accountancy partner candidates and new partners gathered for a pivotal dinner and training day, aiming to prepare them for the future of their profession.

Connecting the Next Leaders Community

On the evening of the 26th June, an informal dinner provided a relaxed setting for building professional relationships and exchanging ideas among peers and industry leaders.

Emerging Technlogies

The following day commenced with a presentation by Dimitrias Dimitriadis from Future Cats, a renowned futurologist. Dimitriadis outlined fundamental ‘megatrends’ in technology, emphasising their impact on decision-making, skills, and roles within the accountancy field. His insights highlighted accountants’ need to adapt and integrate emerging technologies to stay relevant.

Case Study: Latest Technologies

Andreas Weinberger, Managing Partner of WirtschaftsTreuhand GmbH, took the stage with an in-depth case study. He demonstrated the practical application of the latest technologies in a typical accounting firm, showcasing how digital tools can streamline business processes. Weinberger’s presentation detailed his firm’s digitalisation strategy, providing a roadmap for others to follow.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Nathan Davis, Senior Manager at CT, led an engaging session on creating a digital transformation strategy for accounting firms. “Digital technology is an important area for any firm’s growth. Being part of an open discussion on how other firms manage this area is incredibly valuable,” Davis remarked, highlighting the session’s significance.

The Future Employment

Weinberger returned to present the study “The Future Employment: How Vulnerable Are Jobs to Computerisation?” This presentation sparked discussions on the future job landscape in accountancy, emphasising the need for adaptability and continuous learning.

A Force Field Analysis

The training day concluded with Malcolm Ward’s session – Global CEO, AGN International, on conducting a force field analysis. Delegates examined the tension between the benefits and difficulties of transitioning from a compliance-based to an advisory-based business model. Ward’s interactive approach allowed participants to critically evaluate the forces at play and strategise effectively for their firms’ futures.


The event in Paris marked a significant step forward for the NextGen accountancy leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of their profession.

What Next?

The 2024 Next Leaders program will continue with a webinar in September tackling how partners handle ‘troublesome practice matters’ and the art of crisis management.

The program will conclude in Rome in October, where the groups will spend the day learning about building, maintaining and then realising the value of their accountancy firm.