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Ashfords International Recruitment Seminar Recap – Importing talent from overseas

Ashford Recruitment Seminar
December 5, 2022

Contributed by: Ashfords.

Recently, Ashfords held the International Recruitment Seminar, teaching businesses how to coordinate importing talent from overseas in response to the growing labour shortage in Australia. International recruitment has become more popular since the shortage of workers in Australia began. Businesses are interested in increasing their team productivity, expanding their access to skilled talent and diversifying their teams; all benefits brought by hiring international workers.

“Job vacancies have jumped 40% in 12 months, and ABS data shows there are approximately 470,000 unfilled jobs in Australia.”

What does it take to hire internationally?

After a brief foreword from Ryan Dummett – Partner at Ashfords, expert presenters delved into what it takes to hire internationally.

International Visa requirements

Amanda Tinner and Sarah Loch Wilkinson from Visa Executive presented the compliance needs of international employers, the coordination of the immigration department and how business differs from work when hiring. Amanda and Sarah’s expertise in International Visa requirements shined during the seminar as they explained the considerations businesses need to take when hiring internationally.

International Visa requirements

Brenda Garrard Forster from HRAnywhere taught attendees about the necessary legal considerations, including the Fair Work Act 2009. Brenda’s expertise in how to engage, hire, and import workers from overseas, as well as her knowledge of compliance around International Visas and laws, both international and local, captivated attendees.

Maximising and structuring taxation

Ashfords’ own Mark Vandergert spoke to attendees about how they can maximise and structure their taxation to accommodate skilled and unskilled international workers. Mark’s presentation on the key matters that financially affect employers hiring internationally taught attendees about the costs of international recruitment and what is and is not deductible by businesses.

International worker lifestyle

Lastly, Jane Save from the Save Group shared her knowledge and experience in helping international workers assimilate to the Australian lifestyle during her tenure as a restaurant owner. Jane taught attendees that after getting international workers into the country, employers should also provide assistance in the setup of accommodation, local social network, and overall well-being while working in Australia.

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