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Britain Since Brexit – Still the Place To Do Business

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March 7, 2022

AGN Global Business Voice: Business Alert

In our last Brexit GBV in January 2021 we opened our article by saying, “it would seem that everything has changed and nothing has changed.” In this update, we now examine to what extent the UK is enjoying the freedom bonus promised by the Brexiters or suffering the calamitous claims of the Remainers?

UK unemployment is lower than in 2016, house prices are higher, share prices have risen and (until Covid-19 arrived) there was no recession. The wait for the economic meltdown goes on.

In this edition of the AGN GBV: Business Alert, we discuss what has actually come to pass, the Northern Ireland Protocol, Article 16, and review the real current economic consequences of Brexit. We ask if there’s been a Brexit Bonus? And can the UK expect benefits in the long term?

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