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Press Release: Reflections on AGN World Congress 2022

AGN World Congress 2022
November 24, 2022

Around 150 participants from all over the world gathered in Athens, Greece, to attend two packed days of colourful and informative plenary sessions and highly-interactive workshops. As befitting the conference theme of Heroes, the programme drew from Greek antiquity to the present, relating content to the business challenges we face today.

“Our conferences focus on adding value in the areas currently critical to our members. It was great to see so many of our members connecting face-to-face and taking advantage of the programme to be well-informed as they tackle the key business issues in our industry.

We covered the economic and future trends relevant to the present global talent crisis and focused on building the Next Generation of practice owners, contributing to business resilience. In smaller group sessions, members collaborated to address migrating to advisory services, outsourcing strategies, leading hybrid teams, technology developments and the value of diversity in the workplace.”


Opening keynote speaker Dr Theodoros Rapanos – Economic Analyst at Eurobank, presented a session titled Economic Uncertainty. Visual data highlighted past economic crises backed with insight into how they were overcome. Participants learned the main risks and challenges in the short, medium, and long term and were armed with the knowledge to help prepare them.  Dr Panagiotis Iossif then engaged members in an interactive session drawing out business and fiscal lessons from ancient Greece.

Closing keynote speaker Antonis Tspatakis – a Greek Paralympic champion, shared his emotional and inspirational story. Antonis’ passion for swimming began at the age of five. Following a tragic motorbike accident later in life, his need for independence and becoming active again led him back to the pool. Antonis’ power, passion and determination fuelled his heroic success. His mantra is Never stop dreaming. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.”

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    Read the press release - published by International Accounting Bulletin to reflect on our recent World Congress 2022 in Athens. What are our member's key business issues, and what are we doing to tackle them? #AGNWorldCongress22 #AGNInternational @WAI_News
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    The AGN World Congress is key to connecting our members worldwide and arming them with high-quality and practical business advice. This year, we welcomed delegates at the @grandebretagne in Athens, Greece. #AGNInternational #excellent #connected #individual

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