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It’s November, so it must be ALPP in Athens!

The Advanced Leadership & Practice Management Program
November 22, 2022

The AGN global conference rolls into town, and with it, a rather special training programme for AGN members’ future partners – The Advanced Leadership & Practice Management Program – which has become known amongst those involved as ALPP.

What is ALPP?

ALPP is an exclusive 18-month rolling program of face-to-face training days (Chapters) and six webinars aimed at equipping members’ future leaders with the latest in practice management tools, techniques, and knowledge. It’s an AGN EMEA-led program but sits under the AGN ADVANCE suite of training and education programs that have been developed in the US.

The ALPP journey

The ALPP journey began in June at AGN’s regional meeting in Berlin. ALPP delegates joined some of their German counterparts and flew in from Poland, Italy, the UK, and The Netherlands. The focus was on leadership skills, corporate strategy and succession planning.

Chapter 2, timed to coincide with the AGN World Congress in Athens, has just closed. A successful World Congress complemented by the presence of the young ALPP delegates.

The ALLP session dealt with strategy in a little more depth. To start, we explored practical strategies to leverage technological change by looking beyond the technology horizon with Futurist Dimitris Dimitriadis. To round off, we set exercises to consider how you move a firm from compliance to advisory.

The final chapter will coincide with the June 2023 AGN EMEA regional meeting (location TBD). It will complete a training content circle from anticipating succession, playing a leadership partner role, determining strategy and the impact of technology – considering how to build lasting business value and managing future transition issues.

What are the benefits of ALPP?

We are certain that this group of NextGenners will be keen to reconnect with their peer group. And that’s the point; the unique aspects of ALPP are the international context and the opportunity to forge lasting and valuable contacts and friendships across geographies.

The fact that these training events coincide with international meetings only expands the possibility of creating useful business and personal connections. Between conferences, delegates reconnect through operationally focused training webinars.

Some have said ALPP is AGN at its best – adding value to members through top-class skills, knowledge and content – but critically smoothing the way for international cooperation amongst the future leaders of important and vibrant businesses.

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