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The Great Female Resignation…? The AGN ‘Women of Impact’ Initiative

Women leaders
November 16, 2022

AGN Global Business Voice: Practice Management

Why are women professionals so poorly represented at senior levels within many firms across the sector? In 2021, the AGN Women of Impact (WOI) awards program sought to recognise the unique impact of women accountancy professionals and staff within our member firms. We focused on outstanding contributions and leadership, often delivered in very difficult circumstances during the pandemic. The process surfaced some amazing tales of excellence, professionalism and selflessness.

This led us to reflect on the proportion of senior female representation amongst AGN members and, consequently, in the AGN sharegroups, committees and conference delegates – typically only 10- 20%. Though a lack of female leaders across accountancy firms is not uncommon, it is surprising when we already know…

…gender diversity makes firms more productive as measured by value and revenue (Harvard Business Review), and McKinsey research indicates that when firms embrace gender diversity in leadership, they are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability.

To surface some perhaps new answers to seemingly old questions, we gathered together 16 women leaders from our members from around the globe and hosted a series of regional and global debates through August 2022.

Our latest Global Business Voice listens to our panel of female leaders to shed some light on why many women drop out of the accounting profession before partnership. How can we reverse the trend? What changes are necessary for more women to be promoted to senior practice positions?