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The Ukraine Crisis – Together We Can Make a Difference

March 3, 2022

Our thoughts are with our members in Ukraine, and we stand united and appalled at the dreadful events unfolding before us. We have made contact and are relieved to confirm that our members are safe at this point.

Practical and Professional Support

We have requested our Ukrainian members to let us know what practical help and support we can give. AGN will do all we can, and we invite members to contact our EMEA Regional Director Marlijn Lawson if you wish to offer any assistance or have suggestions.

Make a Donation

To offer more general support, we suggest a donation to an established major charity, which is likely to have the infrastructure and access to deliver timely aid. AGN will make donations to Save the Children and Red Cross, which provide help on the ground, support refugees at the border, and provide humanitarian aid for those needing shelter.

Going Forward

AGN will continue to monitor the situation closely and, most of all, the wellbeing of all members impacted. We will also comply with all legal requirements that may emerge and apply to our operations or to those of our members or suppliers. 

Thank you for your support.

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