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Date of publication: 2022

How To Prepare The Sustainability Report

In our precedent Accounting, Auditing & Education Committee (AAEC) newsletter, I convinced you that we are the right contact for our clients on the subject of sustainability reporting.

Now that we know what information to report, which standards our clients should comply with and in what format the sustainability reporting must be published, it’s time for us to think about how to help our clients prepare the sustainability report.

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AGN Connection – NA Newsletter #36 I May 2022

Let the programs begin! Now that AGN members have gotten through what is hopefully the busiest of seasons, your AGN staff are at the ready with webinars, roundtables and our flagship event, the North American Regional Meeting (NARM). Participation in these events means your firm will get the most out of AGN membership. Register and start earning your CPE!

You will find the same useful information on how to make the most of your AGN membership, including upcoming events and practical solutions. In addition, there is a new section intended to highlight resource partners and services that aim to help lighten your load.

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What Is Our Role As Auditors In Sustainability Reporting?

AAEC Newsletter: April 2022

As we saw in our last newsletter, it’s the members of the administrative, management and supervisory bodies of our clients that are responsible for the preparation of the sustainability reporting.

But who has to control the reported information? Who is in charge of the audit of the sustainability report?

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In Search of Excellence – Looking again at iconic management books

AGN Global Business Voice: Business Alert

In a wave of publishing that took grip mainly in the 1980s and 90s, ‘management texts’ became the must-have shelf liner for millions of executives across the world. It was a period when some of the greatest management texts were published.

These books were lauded at the time as ‘breakthrough insights’ into how and why the successful companies were so …successful.

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How to Set Up Remote Work for Success 

Contributed by: Clark Schaefer Hackett.

Evolving and adapting to the current business trends has never been more important. With the generational shifts in the workforce and increased competition amongst companies in the talent search, businesses are challenged to meet the demands and trends of the workforce. At the top of that list of demands is the desire for remote work positions. Whether you are considering transitioning to a fully remote work environment, or already established an element of remote work, there are a host of benefits to consider when implementing remote work positions.

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