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Date of publication: 2022

AGN Connection – NA Newsletter #35 I April 2022

Now that spring has sprung, there’s no better time than the present to focus on growing your business. AGN has you covered with a busy event schedule (both virtual and in-person), for knowledge sharing, building business know-how and refreshing your connections with AGN peers. Remember, putting in the hard work yields fruitful results.

You will find the same useful information on how to make the most of your AGN membership, including upcoming events and practical solutions. In addition, there is a new section intended to highlight resource partners and services that aim to help lighten your load.

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Clients & Climate Change – Threat and Opportunity?

AGN Global Business Voice: Business Alert

The dust has long settled on COP 26, but in November 2021, the world focused on the Glasgow climate conference, temperature change targets, and carbon and methane emissions.

Many states signed up to new targets, global business was scrutinized, and commitments were made to change consumer behaviour – all strategies designed to drive down global warming. But astonishingly, little was said about engaging small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in these grand plans.

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Sustainability Reporting – Where, When, What and Who?

AAEC Newsletter: March 2022

In our January newsletter, we discovered what information to report. In our February newsletter we revealed which standards SME clients should use as a basis for the voluntary preparation of their sustainability report.

In this month’s AAEC newsletter, we determine what the proposed CSRD envisages – concerning the deadline, the person(s) in charge and the format of the sustainability reporting.

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Britain Since Brexit – Still the Place To Do Business

AGN Global Business Voice: Business Alert

In our last Brexit GBV in January 2021 we opened our article by saying, “it would seem that everything has changed and nothing has changed.” In this update, we now examine to what extent the UK is enjoying the freedom bonus promised by the Brexiters or suffering the calamitous claims of the Remainers?

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