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Connection – North America Newsletter #49 I June 2023

AGN 2022 North America Regional Meeting
June 7, 2023

Summer! A time to kick back and enjoy some down time, family time, free time that is so sorely needed after the rigors of the first two quarters. 

While at your desk, you can use this time to update your AGN profile, get ahead of your annual CPE requirements by attending an AGN webinar, connect with AGN peers about the client needs you had to put on the back burner earlier in the year, or plan for your next staff exchange with another AGN firm across the country or around the globe.  

Reach out to any member of the AGN staff if you’d like more information about any of these, or something else. We are here to help!

June Events

Resource Partner Spotlight

LCvista is the premier Learning & Compliance Management Solution built by firms, just like yours.

With over 175 accounting firms in our community and 20+ integrated providers, we are bringing understanding and efficiency to firms’ learning and compliance landscape. Our mission is to continuously meet the evolving needs of accounting firms with compliance accuracy and ongoing collaboration.


  • Manage professional licenses while staying compliant with ever-changing rules and regulations. 
  • Tailor the product to meet the unique needs of your firm.
  • Leverage integrations with various content providers, webcast platforms, HR systems, and course authoring platforms. 
  • Create a cohesive learning environment where everything related to continuing education is tracked.

Member Benefits

Are you considering renewing or joining the AICPA Tax Section?

AGN members get 20% off Tax Section membership.**
Keep pace with tax changes and meet market and client demands. The AICPA Tax Section provides the support you need to elevate your practice and professional growth. 

AICPA Tax Section membership includes:

  • Annual Tax Compliance Kit — Engagement letters, tax return checklists and more 
  • Tax Identity Theft Toolkit 
  • Document retention policy template 
  • Year-end tax planning client letters 
  • Information security plan template 
  • Client letters 
  • Tax Practice Quality Control Guide

Join the AICPA Tax Section today to get access to these resources.

**Offer expires on Dec. 31, 2023 and cannot be combined with other offers.

See the AICPA posting on the 
My AGN Resource Partner page 
for additional discounts on AICPA
Conferences, training and other

Insider Knowledge

Register for the 2023 NextGen Program ‘Road to Tokyo’ before June 13!

Don’t miss out on a valuable and collaborative training program to support your career goals and your firm’s value. The Launch and Explanation Webinar is on 13th June.

In teams of three, you will discover how digitally mature

your firms are and help establish strategies we can embed to move our firms forward.

Click on Chris’ short video (right) to learn more and click here to register!

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