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AGN Member Story Spotlight

Butterflies. Individual. Change
August 11, 2022

Get to know the people within our AGN member community. Our trusted tax and accounting professionals certainly have some inspiring and individual stories.

In this edition, meet Susan Bryant, CPA, owner of The MB Group, a public accounting firm headquartered in Plano, Texas. Susan shares her unique journey of how her passion for identifying risks and driving change supported her success.

From a marketing major to bank auditor to accountant and finally the owner of The MB Group, my journey may look different from most others.

Throughout my life, my passion for change is clear through all the decisions that have brought me here.

Change often scares people and that fear can be limiting, but in my life and business I have made the choice to be intentionally different. I do not just tolerate change; I thrive off it.

Early in my career, I found my love for identifying risks and problems and working to not only fix them but to make them better. That passion followed me as I moved from the banking world to the accounting world. I started at The MB Group in 2006, and in 2018, I became part-owner.

My constant drive to improve and change is achieved by processes. Everything I do is process-oriented, and I believe that creating these processes, following them, and consistently updating them is the only way to work successfully as a team. The MB Group is small but mighty in the movement to spearhead the changes that will inevitably hit the accounting world.

I am a self-help junky, evidenced by the very passion described. This not only applies to my company but in all areas of my life. I tirelessly work to better myself, which then gives me the support to help my company, employees, and clients grow.

Life is seasonal. It’s my season of improvement and of working on things that I want to work on to make me better and to make the things that I love better. Through my unconventional journey, I learned everything the hard way and took a different path than most to get where I am; but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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