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Onwards and Upwards at Gilligan Sheppard

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April 12, 2023

By Bruce Sheppard, CEO at Gilligan Sheppard in New Zealand. As GS approaches its 40-year milestone (2025 marks 40 years!), we are preparing for the next 40 years with a focus on the next generation and succession planning. We want to ensure our people, meaning you – our clients and our team, are in the best possible hands so that you can enjoy the continuity of service and feel secure for the future.

Future Leaders

We are in the process of enrolling our salaried partners (Amy Street and Humphrey Hart) in the highly rated AGN future leaders programme and progressing Amy into a more senior role in the firm as Chief Operating Officer.

Amy will replace Bill Bain, who was originally contracted to establish the COO position. Bill will now focus on general business improvement consulting, high-performing team, and leadership development programs, as well as supporting the training and personal development of our team.

Amy has over the last 18 months, demonstrated resilience, consistency, and insightful leadership of our BAS team, the largest business unit in GS. She has achieved exceptional results on improved operations and the active engagement of her whole team.

Leadership Strengths

As an executive, I have found Amy to be straightforward, completely honest in her communications, and thoughtful and caring in her engagement with others. She also is well-versed in process improvement, performance measurements, and coaching. Amy’s positive trajectory has resulted in the opportunity to take her magic to transform the entire team operationally.

Core Management Team

The core management team consists of myself as CEO, Amy as COO, and Yi Ping as CFO, with the leadership team augmented by Richard Ashby and Joshna Mistry – directors who lead specialist business units.

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